The press release The winner of the International and All-Russia competitions and festivals, National collective. Ensemble of dance "ROSSIYANOCHKA".

The art director and the main ballet master:




   The ensemble of dance "Rossiyanochka" has been created in 1990. For years of the existence it(he) from small dancing group has turned to the big independent ensemble possessing many professional qualities.

 Now in ensemble than 200 person in the age of from 6 till 25 years is engaged more. They are pupils of schools, grammar schools, colleges and students of the St.-Petersburg universities, and also young workers and employees. The program of ensemble of dance "Rossiyanochka" enables to see, touch and understand soul of Russian people, his(its) character, his(its) temperament, his(its) vital love to the ground - Russia. In repertoir of ensemble more than 60 choreographic numbers. These are dances of peoples of Russia and the world, choreographic miniatures, compositions on the basis of a modern choreography. Mastery of young dancers was applauded by spectators of many countries of the world. Ensemble "Rossiyanochka" has visited on performances in the USA, India, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Monaco, China, Iceland, Turkey. The ensemble has reached(achieved) the big creative successes, becoming(beginning) the owner of many honorary titles and awards at various National and International competitions and festivals:



Grand prix I of the International festival of competition « Bridges of friendship » in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia
1996г. The Winner of the International festival - competition to Burgas, Bulgaria.
1999г The Winner of the International festival - competition "Triangle" in Denmark.
2000г Grand prix of the All-Russia competition choreographic collectives. Moscow, Russia
2001г The Winner of the International competition of " Hope of Europe » of Sochi, Russia
2002г Grand prix of the International competition « Triumph 2002 » the Dignity - St.Rafaele, France.
2004г The Winner of the International festival«INTERNATIONAL KUGFU & ART FESTIVAL OF CHINA » Hefei, China
2005г The winner of the International competition in Bulgaria, Balchik
2007г Grand prix of the International competition in Czechia, Praga
  Grand prix of the International competition in Turkey, Alanya

 Today the ensemble of dance "Rossiyanochka" actively acts on the most prestigious concert platforms of city and the country, is in constant creative search, developing traditions and being one of a bright creative power of Saint Petersburg.